Been wanting to doodle Peggy Cap ever since that text post a few days ago. I MAY prefer this to Steve haha. She’s SUCH a competent agent to start with and give her super soldier abilities and holy crap.

inspired by [x]


i did a thing today. i used a source.


I’m with you till the end of the line.

This is literally the worst parallel to ever parallel in the history of parallels, I mean are you fucking kidding me.

since you've refreshed the mulder scully and stiles lydia idea in my head i'm going to like, enjoy watching the x-files at least 70% more than i usually do now (asked by kommissarien)


HEE. it’s so much fun to do

burning desire to watch spn now instead of tomorrow. will resist because i need to talk about communist manifesto in polisci at 9:30am and still need some sleep. but supernatural.

it took me two episodes of the new television show, one intense google search for “vampires in the desert”, and viewing multiple trailers before realizing that i’ve seen From Dusk till Dawn 3: The Hangman’s Daughter. i knew i wouldn’t forget seeing a horror movie about vampires in the desert with george clooney. i just watched the knockoff prequel on tv some years ago hahahaha


The stars in winter from the Ladybird books, The Night Sky and The Stars and Their Legends.

People around the world have read such horrific tales about Ebola that they tend to dread it inordinately, sometimes with dark fascination, as though it’s a preternatural killer. It is not. It’s a horrible virus if you catch it, but it’s not easy to catch.

It afflicts poor African people who live in villages amid forest and are obliged by scarcity of options to eat bats, apes and other wild creatures, found dead or captured live.

Ebola in Guinea is not the Next Big One, an incipient pandemic destined to circle the world, as some anxious observers might imagine. It’s a very grim and local misery, visited upon a small group of unfortunate West Africans, toward whom we should bow in sympathy and continue sending help. It’s not about our fears and dreads. It’s about them.


dionys moser photographs the alien like landscape of the ethiopian dallol hydrothermal field, a vast area of uplifted thick salt deposits affected by intense fumarolic activity, famous for being the only known volcanic area bellow sea level and for being both the hottest place on the planet, with average annual temperatures well above 30 degrees celsius, and the most colourful, with its pools of a hot sulfuric acid brine and ferrous multicolored salt deposits.


Kirkjufell mountain, Grundarfjörður, Iceland 

Magic Night by Michaelthien


from Mount Söðull, Iceland

Spot on the top (by Andras Gyorosi)